Our Vendors

Because we love our vendors so much, we've decided to pimp them.

Like our invitations? Of course, we absolutely adore them! They were designed by the amazing SeeSaw Designs and, man, did they nail it. We met with SeeSaw and handed over some simple samples of colors and images and they took it from there. Needless to say, we're thrilled with the results.

We hired Simply Knot Photography for the crucial task of shooting our wedding. Not only do we like their aesthetic, we've had a wonderful experience with them so far . . . they really know how to make us feel special. Simply Knot is a super cute husband and wife team -- a happy couple who enjoys taking photos of other happy couples.

Robrt L. Pela will be our officiant. Lilia considers this tremendous man her colleague, mentor, and friend. He's a fantastic writer with one heck of a radio voice and a pristine personal style to boot. He also happens to be the husband to the lovable Mr. Todd Grossman who will provide gorgeous piano music during the ceremony. We feel incredibly lucky to have both of our dear friends involved on our special day.

Local folk musician Tobie Milford will play the violin during our cocktail hour. Milford has a unique sound and just released his album, Alyosha. We fell in love with Milford's music a couple months ago and thought he'd be the perfect addition to our wedding.

Lilia's very good friend of 14 years, Anthony Hart (AKA DJ Hartbreaks), will provide a fantastic night of music and dancing at the reception. He's well-known around downtown Phoenix and has impeccable taste in music. We love him!