The Wedding Party

Roxana Menconi, Mother of the Bride
Peter and Karen Menconi, Father and Stepmother of the Bride
Louis and Martha Kummerer, Parents of the Groom

Jeanne Menconi, Bride's Grandmother
Lawrence and Helen Gutschalk, Groom's Grandparents

Flower Girls
Madison Wilkerson, Bride's Niece
Gracie Freeman, Bride's Niece

Maid of Honor
Lisa Macchiaroli
Lilia couldn't live without this woman. They became friends when they were just 13 years old and, after surviving their awkward stages together, have a life-long bond.

Best Man
Edward Kummerer
In case you haven't guessed, Ed is Lou's brother.  Even though they are family, it is easy to tell them apart; Lou is the more attractive of the two.

Katie Kucharski, She's just the best friend Lilia could ask for and is her (2nd) favorite red-head on the planet.
Kristina Smith, She's not just an awesome hiking partner but Lilia's daily lifesaver.
Lauren Hart, This babe is probably one of the most attractive women on the planet who taught Lilia how to be a girly-girl.
Megan Irwin, When she's not busy saving the world, she's being one heck of a friend.
Christy Cocchia-Barbaree, We call her "Bad Christy" but she's bad in that really good way.
Amy Johnson, Amy and Lilia go way back. She's a loyal woman with a heart of gold. We love her.
Jill Kummerer, Lou's darling little sister is the sweetest person you'll ever meet...unless you happen to work in the service industry.
Lauren Kosiara, She's certainly not least. Lou's twin sister will be his witness when we make our marriage legal.

Nate Sauer, First he was a roommate, then he was a friend.  Then he had to watch Lou and Lilia fall in love while he was a roommate and a friend.  We don't know how he put up with it, but we're glad he did.
Andrew Tholl, One of Lou's oldest friends, these two have quite a history.
Ryan Casey, Possibly one of the strangest men alive (in a good way), it's no wonder Lou calls him a friend.
Rob Kroehler, As a friend and former bandmate, Rob's ability to make Lou laugh is unparallelled.
JD Stooks, Lou and JD became quick friends when they realized that they both had an affection for tossing out insults like they were at a Friar's Club Roast.
Alan Menconi, Lilia's Brother.  He and Lilia may be closest in age, but the height difference is astounding.
Jay Menconi, Lilia's other brother. He's known as "the Gentle Giant," but Lou hasn't gotten past the "Giant" part.
Carl Menconi, Lilia's oldest brother, he's probably the only person in the wedding party smarter than Lou.